ITAL 24 Introduction to Italian Culture

Classroom: Hum 107

Days and Time: T. and Th., 2 pm to 3,25pm

Course Description : This course provides an introduction to the cultural aspects of the Italian society through a study of geography, social institutions, literature, art, architecture, music, cuisine, sport and other cultural aspects of Italian life. Themes and topics include a comparison of Italian and other Western languages and cultures. This course is taught in English, but if you want, you will have the opportunity to speak and write journal entries, and final paper in Italian (with an extracredit).

After completing Italian 24 the student will be able to identify and analyze cultural aspects of the Italian society such as social institutions, literature, art, architecture, music, cuisine, sport and other cultural aspects of Italian life. Themes and topics include a comparison of Italian and other Western languages and cultures.

Class Format: Attendance is mandatory, and it is expected an active participation to the discussion in class or on ETUDES. All the material necessary for this class will be found on ETUDES.  It is very important to read and watch all the material. These two texts are recommended:
J. White, Italian Cultural Lineages, University of Toronto Press, 2007
C. Killinger, Culture and Custome of Italy, 2005

 There will be 14 modules to be completed.

Requirements : You will be assigned weekly readings from different sources that you will find on ETUDES. You will maintain a weekly journal analyzing and responding to the material presented.  Your journals must be typed and uploaded on ETUDES. These journals will be graded every week. Late journals won't be considered. Each week you will submit a multiple choice quiz and a survey on ETUDES. There will be a midterm (a multiple choices exam and  a brief essay on a cultural topic of your interest). During the last two weeks of the semester you will give an individual or group presentation on a cultural phenomenon you can be particularly interested in. Finally, you will submit a four-page paper that you will need to upload on ETUDES. Attendance and participation will also be an integral part of the class. Students are expected to participate in class discussions through ETUDES and in class.


a) Class Discussion/Participation 15%

b) Journals and Weekly quizzes 20%

c) Midterm (Multiple choice and Essay) 25%

d) Presentation 20%

e) Final Paper 20%

All exams will be graded according the following scale:





Below 60%…F

Statement of student conduct: Students must participate in class discussions in a kind and thoughtful manner. It is a student's responsability to be aware of assignment and discussion deadlines. Computer problems -power failures and internet connection difficulties are not an excuse for missed assignments. Please don't wait for the last minute in order to do or upload your assigment. On campus there is a computer lab, so you can use that (HUM 114).

STUDENTS WITH DISABLITY: If you have a hidden or visible disability, which may require classroom or test accommodations, please see me as soon as possible afterclass. If you have not already done so, please call the Special Resource Center: 310 660 3295

Cheating or Plagiarism won't be tolerated.

Please read ECC Academic Dishonesty/Plagiarism Policy here:
Procedure 5520 dictates appropriate consequences for Academic Dishonesty:

Please read also Standards of Conduct Policy
The ECC Code of Conduct (Board Policy 5500) can be read at

Module 1: : T/ Th Feb 12 and 14 Introduction to Course and an historical overview about Italy. Movie Italy Revealed.

Module 2 :T/Th Feb 19 and 21 Notions of Italy as Nation

Module 3: T/Th Feb 26 and March 28 Political Identities
Module 4 : T/Th Mar. 5 and 7 Italian Cultural customes

 Module 5 : T/Th Mar. 12 and 14 The Southern Question

Module 6: T/Th Mar. 19 and 21 Catholicism

Module 7: T/Th. Mar. 26 and March 28 and Fashion and Consumption

Tuesday April 2 Opera and MIDTERM: Th April 4

Spring break: no class on April 9 and 11

Module 8: T/Th. April 16 and 18 Literature

Module 9: T/Th April 23 and 25 Art & Architecture

Module 10: T/Th April 30 and May 2 Italian Cinema

Module 11: T/Th May 7 and 9 Italian cuisine and wine

Module 12: T/Th May 14 and 16 American-Italian. Italian Emigration

Module 13: T/Th May 21 and 23: Italy and the World

Module 14: T/Th May 28 -30 Italy a multimension reality

Last few lessons are for your final presentations