Instructor: Rossella Pescatori                              
Classroom: Hum 107
Time: T 12.45-1.45 pm Th. 12.45-1.45pm
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this course is to provide students with a sound basis for communicating effectively and accurately in Italian. Emphasis is on the fundamentals of speaking, reading, and listening.

Students will be able to demonstrate improved conversational skills acquired in acquisition levels 1 & 2 with a greater variety of vocabulary and structure and greater facility with idiomatic expressions. Students work on functional oral communication.

Emphasis is placed on understanding and using the Italian language in meaningful “real-life” situations and culture-based contexts.

STUDENTS WITH DISABLITY: If you have a hidden or visible disability, which may require classroom or test accommodations, please see me as soon as possible afterclass. If you have not already done so, please call the Special Resource Center: 310 660 3295

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Attendance is mandatory and active class participation is expected.
TEXTBOOK: material (pdf and websites) will be uploaded on your ETUDES
HOMEWORK: Exercises will be assigned and collected regularly. Assignments turned in late will not be accepted for credit.
GRADING: Active class participation, oral participation, homework will all count toward your final grade, based on the following percentages:

Oral presentations/participation 30%
Homework/class presentations 20%
Class Participation…50%

The grades will be according the following scale:
Below 60%…F


The “A” Student comes to class and arrives on time with notes, paper, and pen every day; initiates and maintains meaningful interaction during class time; shows leadership in group activities; avoids using English in discussions and group activities; makes an effort to ask questions in Italian; is always prepared; attempts to use complete sentences and elaborate on answers.

The “B” Student shows willingness to participate; cooperates fully in discussions and group activities although may not necessarily be the leader; answers readily when called upon; elaborates somewhat on answers.

The “C” Student participates more passively than actively in class and group activities; occasionally resorts to use of English; gives slightly elaborated answers; is not always fully prepared for class sometimes due to absences.

The “D” Student seldom participates; generally doesn’t cooperate in activities (resorts frequently to English); has many errors and makes little effort to correct him/herself; is often absent and tardy and/or frequently not prepared when asked questions.

The “F” Student is unprepared and rarely participates in class activities (sometimes due to excessive absences, chronic tardiness, etc...); is not able to answer questions and almost never uses Italian.

Please be courteous to your classmates and your instructor during the class time by deactivating all electronic devices before entering the class

Please read the Standards of Conduct Policy at ECC

The ECC Code of Conduct (Board Policy 5500) can be read at
Procedure 5520 dictates appropriate consequences for Academic Dishonesty: